The House / Hotel

Landhaus Ribbeck, the official name for our small art hotel. It houses 6 romantic guest rooms, the Café Monet, as well as a gallery and two studios. It is a former part of the Ribbeck manor. Because of its rich decorations in Märkish brick Gothic, the old sheepfold in Ribbeck, built around 1860, was included in the list of Brandenburg monuments

recorded. The ceiling construction is unusual, as a Prussian cap ceiling built between wooden beams. The outer walls are made of lime-clay-pisé construction. In keeping with the time of construction of this building, we equipped the café with reproduced chairs and tables from the late Biedermeier period and combined them with modern elements.

Tango dance evenings, readings and small concerts now take place here. The building has experienced different phases of use, this one

We saved it from decay through careful, loving reconstruction. On the one hand, the building served to house sheep, but harvest workers and their families also lived here, which explains the name reaper barracks. After 1945 it served as a refuge for many refugees. Some people from Ribbeck were born here. So it is not surprising that the people of Ribbeck have a special relationship with this house and like to celebrate family celebrations here.

Ribbeck, Alter Schafstall anno 2013